Legally Settle Property Matters With Probate Attorney In Riverside

If you stand to inherit family assets bequeathed by the decedent, you may need the assistance of an expert probate attorney in Riverside. You may know a probate lawyer as an estate attorney. A probate lawyer is a state licensed attorney. He/she is capable of advising you on financial or materialistic property-related affairs. You will also need the assistance of a probate attorney if you are an executor or personal representative of an estate.

An estate attorney will guide you with experience and legal knowledge during the final settlement of decedent's properties. If the decedent had multiple heirs, you may have to face discordance during the final settlement. The heirs may also seek the representation of legal counselors. In this situation, a probate attorney will help you mitigate the situation with suitable legal advice.

Probate Attorney's Responsibilities


If your predecessor willed you as an heir to his/her property, the legal process that the court will follow to validate that will is known as probate. This legal proceeding is also necessary for the determination of inheritance of an unwilled property. The steps necessary for the probating of an estate depend upon the probate laws of the state. The probate laws of California will require you following seven basic steps for successful probating. You probate attorney in Riverside will guide you judiciously through these steps.

Testate - Intestate

The properties of a decedent can be divided into two basic categories depending upon their validities. If the decedent leaves a legally valid last will and testament, it will be known as testate property. The properties with invalid or without last will and testament are known as intestate properties. If you are unaware of the slippery slopes of probate laws, you may fall headlong during the settlement of property related matters. An accomplished probate attorney in Riverside will save you from experiencing any loss during settlement through his/her knowledge in California probate laws.

Contested Property

An executor might have been appointed to represent the property you are supposed to inherit. You may find the last will or testament to be dissatisfactory as per your prior knowledge. You may doubt the validity of the executor's claims or the authenticity of the will. In this situation, you will need the guidance of an expert probate attorney in Riverside. Your lawyer can advise you (beneficiary) regarding legal and other property-related matters during the course of probating. These matters are supposed to be related to the contested property and presented by the executor.

Litigation Assistance

As an executor, you will need the representation of a specialized probate attorney in Riverside if the beneficiary challenges the validity of your statements during property settlement. These probate lawyers are known as estate/probate/trust litigators. An estate-litigator will also help you if the beneficiary contests the validity of last will and testament. As a beneficiary, you may also seek the legal guidance of an estate litigator if you are involved in a separate lawsuit with that estate. For more information visit here: Christina Ferrante Attorney At Law